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Steven J. Turi

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

As a founding member and Chief Investment Officer of SkyView Investment Advisors, Steve oversees asset allocation and investments including the development of bespoke traditional and alternative investment solutions focused on meeting the needs of institutions, family offices and advisors.

Steve co-founded Riverview Alternative Investment Advisors, a multi-billion dollar alternative investment manager overseeing complex alternative investment strategies for institutions globally.
Working with Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Steve integrated key tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance to provide investment solutions for global institutional investors. While at Daiwa Securities, he rose to head Global Equity Derivatives and pioneered the integration of equity derivatives with equity financing to more effectively structure relationships with alternative investment firms.  At Barclays Capital, Steve played an active role in managing and implementing a successful outcome for the Long-Term Capital Management crisis during unstable global financial markets.

He began his career as an Electrical Engineer, and while working at IBM’s Wall Street branch, he rose to a lead consultant for some of their largest financial services clients. He also served as CIO of BPV Capital overseeing investments leading to AUM growth from under $200m to over $2 billion.

Steve has a BS, Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

He brings his insights and services to a number of charitable organizations including 180 Turning Lives Around and the Second Floor Youth Hotline. Both organizations provide invaluable support and services to families and children in New Jersey.