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In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend,
Harry Markowitz

June 8, 2023

With a deep sense of admiration and sorrow, we pay tribute to an exceptional person, our friend and colleague, Dr. Harry Markowitz. The sorrow stems from losing a close friend and mentor that always made time to listen, learn, laugh, and provide guidance. The admiration comes from the tremendous legacy Harry leaves behind as an intellectual giant and exceptional human being.

Beyond his remarkable contributions to the world of economics, Harry showed immense kindness and generosity. He became an invaluable mentor and friend, always having an open door and open mind. His inquisitive spirit was infectious, and his encouragement was unwavering. He pushed us to question, to be better, to dig deeper, and he always celebrated our achievements.

His passing marks the end of an era, a loss of an intellectual titan, and a stalwart mentor. His teachings and principles, however, will endure as the countless people he influenced continue to pass them on. His ideas have become so integrated into the world of investing that his influence will persist as long as people continue to invest.

Thank you, Harry, for your contributions, your mentorship, and your friendship. Your light will guide us, your spirit will inspire us, and we will always cherish your memory. Your life’s work will continue to resonate for generations to come, even though your journey on earth has ended.

As our dear friend Harry would frequently say, “we do not say goodbye, but until we meet again.”‌